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Advantages and Disadvantages of Active and Passive PA Loudspeakers

Traditional pa system horn speakers are centered on one or more power amplifiers, which are usually installed in the equipment rack. Although they are not as popular as before, the traditional large-scale pa system horn speakers still have many functions. For beginners, the cost of the whole system may be cheaper than the system built by active PA speakers, thus reducing the initial investment and the cost of any components that may need to be replaced. Without on-board amplifiers, passive PA loudspeakers tend to be lighter than active ones, which make them particularly attractive to medium and large tour systems.

Advantages of Active PA Loudspeaker

The integrated power amplifier provides the best power for each speaker.

Speakers can be easily added or reconfigured in the system without calculating the load.

The on-board DSP of each speaker allows you to adjust the timbre of each speaker independently.

The on-board front mixer allows some speakers to perform multiple roles in different settings (main amplifier or return);

Some DSPs provide delay, automatic tuning and network control functions.

Disadvantage of Active PA Speaker

The integrated amplifier may increase the weight of a single loudspeaker.

The overall power consumption may be much higher than that of traditional systems.

Independent voice control and improper operation of electronic equipment may cause inconsistency or increase noise.

In general, the price of active power is more expensive than that of passive power.

Although sometimes connected through chrysanthemum chains, each pa system horn speakers needs its own power cord;

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