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What Type Of Radio Do I Need To Listen To Digital Stations?

You have purchased a DAB + digital receiver to receive your current digital broadcast service in Australia. DAB + radio receivers can only be purchased in Australia after May 2009. However, if you purchased an AB+ radio receiver before this date, you may not be able to receive the current DAB+ broadcast.

Some digital radios have "digital tuning" or "digital PLL tuning" that are not digital radios. When you are buying a digital broadcast, you have to see if you have the DAB + logo on it.

You can view information about the DAB+ digital audio broadcast receiver on our website.

Digital broadcasting standards vary from country to country. Therefore, be careful when you consider buying digital broadcasts from overseas or international websites. The United States uses the standard of digital broadcasting called "HD Radio", while the digital broadcasting standard adopted in the United Kingdom is the older DAB standard. Digital radios available in other countries may be used.

Most DAB+ radio receivers cannot receive AM bands. But you should be able to hear AM services in DAB+ on the digital broadcast. And outside of this you have to listen to the AM service, you still need AM radio.
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