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Composition of Loud Horn Speaker

The loud horn speaker is a kind of transducer which converts electrical signal into acoustic signal. The performance of loudspeaker has a great influence on the sound quality. The loudspeaker is the weakest component in the audio equipment, and it is the most important component for the audio effect. There are many kinds of loudspeakers, and the prices vary greatly. Audio power generates sound by means of electromagnetic, piezoelectric or electrostatic effects that make the paper basin or diaphragm vibrate and resonate (resonate) with the surrounding air.

The low-grade loud horn speaker has no sound quality because of its thin box, unable to overcome resonance (some of the plastic speakers designed are far better than the inferior wooden speakers); the wooden speaker reduces the sound dyeing caused by the resonance of the box, and the sound quality is generally better than the plastic speaker.
Usually, multimedia speakers are dual-unit two-frequency design. One smaller speaker is responsible for the output of the tweeter, while the other larger speaker is responsible for the output of the tweeter.

The selection of loud horn speaker should consider the material of these two speakers: the soft top of the high-pitch unit of the multimedia active speaker (in addition to the titanium film spherical top used for analog sound source) can reduce the stiffness of the high-frequency signal and give people a gentle, smooth and delicate feeling when it is combined with the digital sound source. Multimedia speakers are now dominated by soft spherical roofs such as silk films of better quality and PV films of lower cost.

The bass unit determines the sound characteristics of the speaker, which is relatively important to choose. The most common ones are the following: paper basin, paper-based wool basin, compaction basin and so on.
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