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The Notes for the Installation and Use of Digital Audio Matrix

The digital audio matrix is specially used for switching and distributing audio signals (unbalanced stereo audio signals). It can transfer signals of M-channel from input channel to any output channel of N-channel, and output channels of N-channel is independent of each other. Generally, the input of matrix is greater than the output, that is, M is greater than N.

The digital audio matrix has the functions of power-off field protection, vertical blanking interval switching, communication interface with computer, infrared control and network control. As one of the professional manufacturers when it comes to audio players, Xinghongde will then tell you the notes for the installation and use of the digital audio matrix.

Just like the PA Installation Amplifiers, there are also a lot of things worth your attention while installing and using the digital audio matrix.

The notes for the installation and use of the digital audio matrix

1. In the digital audio matrix installation project, digital equipment and analog equipment should be far away from the installation to avoid the influence of digital equipment on analog equipment. The effects are characterized by squeaking and noises.

2. The digital power and analog power cannot be interconnected nearby. They should be connected separately and then connected to the ground.

3. When the matrix is connected to different input and output devices, the whole system should be grounded in common, so as to avoid the ground potential difference between the devices, so that the whole audio system cannot work normally, and even the possibilities of burning down the equipment.

4. The matrix switcher is a HI-FI forwarding and switching device, without signal attenuation and amplification functions. If the signal needs to be attenuated or amplified, additional equipment should be added. In the design of an audio project, the attenuation and driving problems of the long-distance transmission of signals should be considered, so as to avoid the temporary increase of equipment during the construction, which will reduce the system performance, raise the cost, and add the burden of human resources and financial problems to both users and the construction side.

5. The transmission distance of the signal must be considered when installing the matrix. The electromotive force cannot be transmitted infinitely, just as the light of a flashlight cannot be transmitted to the moon. The refraction and reflection of the light will disappear after reaching a certain distance. Similarly, when the electric signal is transmitted to a certain distance, the signal weakens until the back-end equipment cannot correctly recognize it.

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