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Technical Characteristics of HIFI PA System Integrated Amplifier

HIFI PA system integrated amplifier is slightly different from AV PA. HIFI often has the following characteristics:

1. 2.0 soundtrack stereo. Most HIFI PA only has two channel outputs and is different from AV PA surround sound effect. HIFI PA system integrated amplifier pays more attention to high fidelity sound quality, lower sound distortion, and true restored music.

2. The advanced HIFI PA applies for the front and back separation to ensure the reproduction of higher-quality timbre.

3. The HDAM in HIFI PA helps to produce more dynamic, accurate and elaborate voice.

4. A high-quality HIFI PA must use a stable mechanism and a thick metal panel to reduce the interference among the audio circuits and help improve the sound quality.

5. It applies for a high-speed discrete circuit with current feedback, which is conducive to achieving high channel separation in the ultra high domain.

6. The high-grade PA with the F.C.B.S. system function can connect two front stages, and transmit and amplify the proceeding signal whose left and right channels are separated completely from the control amplifier.
HIFI PA System Integrated Amplifier

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