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30W Best Commercial Speaker Waterproof RH-HS45

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The RH-AUDIO 30W Best Commercial Speaker Waterproof RH-HS45 combines sound pressure and weatherproof of a horn speaker with the excellent sound.

It is particularly suitable for applications, where apart from speech also a high-quality music performance is required.

The weatherproof construction with protection type IP-66 allows the permanent use outdoors,therefore the range of application possibilities is greatly extended.

Wide Frequency Audio Horn Speakers

First, both sides of the full frequency horn are very malleable. It's based on a professional full frequency loudspeaker. The high frequency limit can reach 20K. The auditory sense impression is like the earphones. The low frequency dive and feeling are good. The low frequency is loose, like the polyester earphone diaphragm. Only through this point, we can say the full frequency horn is  a full-range sound box. Being debugged, its music performance is unstoppable. No wonder there are so many superiors like it! It is reasonable!

Second, the patterns can be very artistic, eye-catching, and the visual impact brought by many excellent horns is great! It accords with the aesthetic feeling of music.

Third, the sound field and positioning are also good. Although it can not reach the accuracy of the baffle, its positioning ability is excellent after the adjustment, which is better than the medium frequency positioning of the score frequency box.

Fourth, the full frequency horn is very sensitive. The sensitivity is often higher than 93DB so that the power of PA is not high. Any  tube amplifier or small power chip can do the same.

Fifth, the tone is mellow and the music is pleasant.


Size unit: mm
30W Best Commercial Speaker Waterproof RH-HS45 Size



Rated Power


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Frequency Response









ABS enclosure,alloy bracket

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