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Background of the Class D Amplifier

In 1958, the Class D Amplifier was first proposed. And in recent years, it has become more and more popular.

The Class D Amplifier is designed to produce the input audio signal (with real, efficient and low distortion effect) on the sound output component at the desired volume and power level. Audio frequency range is about 20 Hz to 20 kHz, so there must be good frequency response in this frequency range as for the amplifier (when driving the speaker with a limited frequency band, the frequency range is reduced. For example woofer or tweeter). Output power capacity varies widely in accordance with the application: from headphones with several milliwatts (mW), the TV or personal computer (PC) audio with a few watts (W), "mini" home audio and car audio with dozens of watts, to household and commercial audio system with high power (hundreds of watts or more), and audio system in the theater or concert hall.

The type D Amplifier direct analog is completed by the following method: to generate an output voltage proportional to the input voltage in the linear operating mode by the transistor. The forward voltage gain is usually very high (at least 40 dB). If the forward gain is a part of the feedback loop, the total loop gain is also high. The feedback loop should be often used because high loop gain can improve performance, inhibition the distortion caused by positive path linear error, and reduce noise by increasing the power suppression (PSR).

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the Class D Amplifier

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