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IP Based PA Devices

The RH-AUDIO PA System over IP refers to PA paging and intercom systems that use an IP network instead of a centralized amplifier to distribute the audio signal to paging locations across a building or campus,or anywhere else in the reach of the IP network. Network-attached amplifiers and intercom units are used to provide the communication function.

At the transmission end,a computer application transmits a digital audio stream via the local area network,using audio from the computer's sound card inputs or from stored audio recordings. At the receiving end, either specialized intercom modules (sometimes known as IP speakers or terminals) receive these network transmissions and reproduce the analog audio signal.These are small specialized network appliances addressable by an IP address just like any other computer on the network.

Such systems are inter-connected by the networking infrastructure and thus allow loss-less transmission to remote
locations across the Internet or a local area or campus network. It is also possible to provide for multiple or relocatable
transmission control stations on such a network.
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