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PA Peripherals

The RH-AUDIO Public Address Peripherals are commonly used to assist amplifiers and speakers to achieve unique and specific requirements in the 70V and 100V high-voltage commercial audio distribution systems and public address system with following purposes:

Multiple paging and background music from 1 to 60 zones systems - At central control station,user can speech to individual zone,group zones and all zones at the paging station.

Voice evacuation system - The PA system contacts inputs from fire center or smoke detector to activate the built-in pre-recorded voice message. And the emergency alarm system with highest priority to override paging and background music, it will broadcast the pre-recorded voice alarm message to all zones.

Weekly schedule management - The whole PA system can be switched on/off according to the scheduled time pre-set via RH2805M. And the background music or pre-recorded voice can be played/stopped according to the timing schedules pre-set.
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