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One Zone Mixer Amplifiers

The RH-AUDIO Mixer Amplifiers work by been connected with audio source directly without need of external pre-amplifier or mixer console.

The PA Audio BGM Mixer Amplifiers are commonly used for paging, public address sound systems and 70 volt or 100 volt distributed audio systems, 4-16 ohms speaker outputs provided for low impedance speakers without transformer built-in, enjoy full protection of short-circuit, overload and high temperature.

All the Integrated Amplifiers come with powerful TOSHIBA amplifier transistors and 100% pure copper toroidal transformers to ensure the stable performance and long service life.

Power output 60W, 120W, 240W, 350W, 500W are available, or customized specific power output will be supported, the PM series has built-in audio source MP3 player and FM tuner.

The amplifiers have microphone inputs for paging and aux inputs for background music,the main microphone input has a priority by muting BGM signal.

They have volume controller for individual input, BASS and TREBLE tone controller available on the front panel,allowing you to get the sound effect you really need easily.

Are ideally used in paging and music distribution for retails stores, churches, offices, stadiums, airports, hospital, schools, emergency-evacuation and industrial public address sound systems, shop Pro Acoustics for your commercial audio needs.

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