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Features of the High-end Pre AMP Amplifier

Feature 1: the filter plays an important role in denoising and sound-quality restoration

Two fairly rare but useful analog filters are built into the MP1100. One is called Rumble Filter which is mainly used to eliminate the noise that may be infiltrated the song during recording. And the other one is called Scratch Filter which can reduce the influence of disc on sound playback because of long-term recording and wearing or scratches etc. and can continue to replay the original good sound quality.

Feature 2: limiter indicator and isolation measures are used together to reduce noise and distortion

As for Highlights of the MP1100, one is the use of digital output limit. Digital output limit can inform users about the higher volume track section distortion during disc recording to digital files, so that users can remove the distortion by setting and adjusting to ensure that the digital files still keep original state of track. In order to reduce noise, MP1100 adopted double mono channel design. The left and right signal channels are effectively isolated on the circuit and physics and the power supply unit is independent, which makes noise caused by external interference reduce to extremely low level.

Feature 3: easy to use for users with rich interfaces

For easy accessing to multi phonographs or arms, there are 3 groups of RCA input on the MP1100 rear panel (RCA and XLR inputted by one set combine). All phonograph input allows users to choose or adjust 7 kinds of impedance and 8 kinds of capacitive reactance value. And they are suitable for MC moving coil and MM moving magnet cartridges to use together. To connect the rest of the other sources and audio systems, it also provides balanced and unbalanced line high level inputs, as well as balanced and unbalanced stereo output.

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