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The Principle and Application Scope of IP Sound System

The ip sound system, as its name implies, is based on the network to transmit the sound. The network here referred to is the digital network, which is commonly referred to the LAN, Ethernet, WAN, Internet and so on. The signal processed by network audio processor is allocated to different ip sound system by software, using existing LAN, WAN or Internet as transmission media, which completely breaks through the limitation of the scope and distance of public broadcasting; moreover, because it uses digital network technology, it can easily realize bidirectional and multidirectional control.

The ip sound system is widely used in all kinds of schools, banks, expressways, tunnels, hospitals, villages, scenic spots, detention centers, prisons, hotels, villas, gardens, residential districts, shopping malls, Department stores, supermarkets, chain stores, buildings, factories, administrative center office buildings, safe cities, stadiums, stations, parks, art plazas and other indoor and outdoor public places.

Classification of IP Sound System

4G Wireless IP Sound System 
IP Sound Ceiling System 
Indoor Coaxial Full-Frequency IP Sound System
IP Internet Sound Monitoring System
2.4G Wireless Bluetooth IP Sound System
Outdoor waterproof IP Sound System (column)

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