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Power Amplifiers

The RH-AUDIO PA Power Amplifiers feature 70 volt and 100 volt line power amps are generally used in commercial sound systems where long cable runs are used to interconnect multiple speakers, as well as 4-16 ohms output using low impedance loudspeakers.

The RH-AUDIO Power Amplifiers provide the power in the sound system with all the inputs controlled by an audio mixer or pre-amplifier, and have a range of amplifier power output from 2U height 350W, 450W, 650W to 3U height 1000W, 1500W, 2000W.
The 2U height power amplifier series use TOSHIBA amplifier transistors while the 3U high power amplifier series use Sanken amplifier transistors.

The Audio Power Amplifiers have XLR & 6.5mm input, XLR & 6.5mm loop through output, are protected against overload and short circuits,a limiter protects the amplifier and loudspeaker against accidental overdriving,a temperature-controlled fan ensures proper cooling without producing acoustic noise at lower output levels.

Ideally suited for installation in areas for the sound reproduction of reading announcements,and playing background music for variety of PA installations such as gardens,shopping malls,commercial buildings,or an entire outdoor complex, etc.

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