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MP3 FM Bluetooth Digital Class-D Amplifier

※ CE-RED & RoHS certified.
※ Digital class-D amplifier.
※ Built- in players of USB/ SD,FM tuner 87.5 MHz~108 MHz and Bluetooth receiver.
※ Compact metal housing with front panel of aluminium alloy.
※ SMT circuit boards with highly stable performance.
※ Pure copper transformers for power supply and 70V/ 100V audio outputs.
※ 2 microphone inputs and 1 line input.
※ High- definition display for the working status of playing program.
※ 70/100-volt and 4 to 16 ohms(Ω) output loads.
※ Individual volume controller for inputs.
※ BASS and TREBLE tone controllers.
※ Individual LED indicator for POWER/ SIGNAL/ PROTECTION.
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  • Specification
These Bluetooth Mixing Amplifiers are designed as convenient solution for small to medium PA installations with USB/SD player,FM tuner and Bluetooth receiver in a compact housing.

The model RH1060M or RH11120M is a switching power amplifier also called digital Class-D amplifier enjoys outstanding feature of high efficiency that could be greater than 90% and ow power dissipation (only a small heatsink used).

Inputs for microphone,line input,USB/SD player are governed by front panel volume controls,and the digital screen displays the working status of playing program,which can be controlled by the front panel buttons or the remote control.

And features two MIC inputs and one line input with 60/120 watts of amplifier power are available with either 70/100-volt or 4 to 16 ohms(Ω) output loads.

Also included a line level output for adding additional power amplifiers,and features complete protection is provided for output short circuit, overload, high temperature,peak current limiters.

Front panel details:
MP3 FM Bluetooth Digital Class-D Amplifier front panel
⑴ SD Input Interface                              ⑵ USB Input Interface                                ⑶ Digital Display
⑷ Function Buttons ⑸ Power Switch ⑹ Power Indicator
⑺ Signal Indicator ⑻ Protection Indicator                                ⑼ Bass Controller
⑽ Treble Controller ⑾ Line Input Volume Controller                  ⑿ USB/SD/FM Volume Controller
⒀ MIC Volume Controller                       ⒁ MIC1 & MIC2 Inputs ⒂ Indicator for 2.4G MIC (expanded)

Rear panel details:
MP3 FM Bluetooth Digital Class-D Amplifier rear panel
⑴ FM Antenna Input                              ⑵ Audio Line Output                               ⑶ Audio Line Input
⑷ COM terminal                                    ⑸ Speaker Output Terminal 4-16 Ω        ⑹ Speaker Output Terminal 70V
⑺ Speaker Output Terminal 100V         ⑻ Power Supply                                      (9) Fuse: 1A(60W),2A(120W)

Connection illustration:

Important notes for connections of speakers:
This amplifier has different loudspeakers outputs of 100V,70V and low impedance 4-16Ω.It's only possible to use one output at the same time,connecting more than one may damage internal parts of the amplifier.Each of 100V,70V,4-16Ω terminals must work with COM.

100V line output:
This system is most commonly used in for PA system. Only use 100 V line loudspeakers with transformers. All loudspeakers are wired in parallel and the sum of their power must not exceed the rated output power of the amplifier. It is advisable not to load the amplifier at more than 70% of its rated output power when using music sources.

70V line output:
This system is common in the USA,it operates on the same principles as 100 V line except that at rated output power the amplifier has 70V RMS on its output terminals.

4-16Ω low impedance output:
This output allows connection of low impedance loudspeakers without transformers,when two or more loudspeakers are used ensure that they are wired in such a way in Series,or in Parallel,or in Series & Parallel Combination that total load impedance remains between 4Ω and 16Ω.





Rated Power



Frequency Response

20 Hz 0dB -0.5dB 1dB

Output Terminals

Low impedance:4-16 ohms (Ω)

Voltage line:70V(51 ohms),
100V(167 ohms)

Voltage line:70V(41ohms),

MIC Input

MIC1/MIC2:600 ohms(Ω) 5-10mv,unbalanced

LINE Input

LINE:10k ohms(Ω) 150-470mv,unbalanced

LINE Output

0.775V (0 dB)

Frequency Response

60 Hz ~ 15k Hz (± 3 dB)


<0.5% at 1kHz,1/3 rated power


Line:85 dB , MIC:>72 dB


BASS:100 Hz (± 10 dB) , TREBLE:12k Hz (± 10 dB)






AC fuse,short circuit,overload,high temperature

Power Cord

(3×0.5 mm )×1.5M (standard)

Power Supply

AC 220V ± 10% 50-60Hz (Optional)

Power Consumption




72(H)×305(W)×275(D) mm

Packing Size

130(H)×345(W)×345(D) mm

Net Weight



Gross Weight




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