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Why Choose RH AUDIO Multi Zone Mixer Amplifier

The Features of RH AUDIO Multi-Zone Mixer Amplifier
  • Hybrid amplifier with the single or dual zone from 30W to 120W
  • The balanced input of 4 low-noise microphones or line
  • Optional priority and sound control switches in the microphone input 1
  • Optional bell cue signal with 2 tones before broadcast
  • The emergency input set up separately control voice and preemptive action
  • The connection of speaker is divided into normal, only call, or only mix
  • It is possible to select CD, tuner, or auxiliary music input

The RH-AUDIO hybrid amplifier is a single channel hybrid amplifier with high performance, multi-purpose, and 4 microphones. This kind of amplifier can meet the requirements of various public broadcast applications at an unbelievably low price. It is easy to use with various types of the socket when inputting: microphone input by balanced 3 core XLR and 6.3 mm phone jack, preferred microphone input by 5 core DIN sockets, music input by stereo lotus socket. All microphone input is equipped with phantom power supply for condenser microphone and voice filter for improving sound quality. Microphone input 3 and 4 can also be converted into line sensitivity. In addition, there is independent music input, which comes with input selector and volume controller.

By internal selection, the microphone input 1 can be configured to have the highest priority over other microphones and music inputs. When the contact is closed, or when the signal level of input 1 exceeds the pre-defined value (VOX), the 5-core DIN socket is given priority. When the priority contacts are closed, a two-tone cue signal can be selected before the broadcast notification.

Voice-activated phone or emergency input has a higher priority than the microphone, and it has its own volume settings. It is independent of the master volume control.

It will be very easy to connect external sound processing device by input and output interconnection. As for external sound processing device, there are an equalizer or the feedback exterminator between pre-amplifier and power amplifier. LED VU meter can monitor the main output by a tape output.

RH-AUDIO is ISO9001 registered, we are committed to effective Quality Management at every level within the business. Welcome to buy multizone mixer here!

RH AUDIO Multi Zone Mixer Amplifier
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