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Where Are Digital Radio Services Available?

Metropolitan licence areas According to the "Broadcast Service Act" of 1992, the area receiving digital broadcasting services is defined as "urban permit area", and all other areas are defined as "area permission areas". This is for the launch of digital broadcasting. Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney now receive digital broadcast services.

Visit the RH-AUDIO Digital BAD Radio website and enter your suburb or postal code to see the digital broadcast coverage in your area.

According to the requirements of the RHAUDIO, the audience is required to send their street name, suburb, state and postal code to info@rh-audio.net to be informed of any insurance issues. Such an approach helps to identify areas that need coverage and to determine future coverage.

Based on the coverage map provided by ABC, you can see the indicative coverage and reception of digital broadcast services within the metropolitan licensed area.

Regional licence areas RHAUDIO is planning to launch digital broadcasting in the region, starting with a perpetual license for Canberra and Darwin trial services. The industry says it is economically viable in these areas.

The industry has determined that Hobart should be the leading licensing area for regional digital broadcasting deployments.

The digital broadcasting trials in Canberra and Darwin began in 2010 and were extended to June 30, 2018. In order to promote permanent licensing of these testing services, RHAUDIO is currently working with the industry. Digital broadcasting trials for Canberra and Darwin have obtained the Basic Category 3 digital radio multiplex transmitter license issued by the national broadcast services companies ABC and SBS. In December 2017, these experimental services began to be permanently transmitted.

Hobart also received a basic category 3 digital radio multiplex license from ABC and SBS. It began implementing permanent transmissions in March 2018.

Class 1 digital radio multiplex transmitter licenses in the base category are used to transport commercial and community radio services. RHAUDIO is currently applying for a Base Category 1 digital radio multiplex transmitter license in Canberra and Darwin.

RHAUDIO will continue to work with the industry and RHAUDIO is committed to developing a digital radio channel plan for licensees in licensed areas that provide digital radio services.
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