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The Advantages of Phonograph Pre AMP Amplifier

Phonograph Pre AMP Amplifier (also known as cartridge amplifier, hereinafter referred to as "phono preamp") is a front-end amplifier between phonograph and combined-type power amplifier (or front/back level of separate body). This kind of amplifier with two big functions (balance and amplify), which is used to amplify the cartridge weak signal and strength it to similar output level as the audio source (such as CD or tape). Moreover, other features of the enlarged output signal can be retained as the original recordings. The phono preamp is distinguished by cartridge type, working mode and parts. There are amplifiers for MC (Moving-Coil) cartridge, MM (Moving-Magnetic) cartridge and MI (Moving-Iron) cartridge. Circuit modes: all vacuum tube, all transistor, mixed modes. Transformer: with or without. Equalization modes: active or passive RIAA. Power supply: DC battery or AC power, internal or external power.

The unique function of the phonograph Pre AMP Amplifier

  • The equalization process makes the frequency response performance "flat"
  • The broadband design improves quality of the phono preamp
  • Features of the excellent phono preamp
  • it is easy to achieve accurate level, tone balance, high SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) and good frequency response.
  • it can accurately restore stereo sound and image positioning, band arrangement level, sound field and DOF (depth of field).
  • the remarkable rhythm or speed characteristic is obvious. All the music rhythm expression can be step correctly on sound step point.
  • there are no the following problems: unreal bass effect is caused by mismatching circuit components or wrong assembling. Sound sense is not natural/pure caused by wrong matching with other devices or inconsistent mixing. Therefore, excellent phono preamp in the vinyl playback system makes a crucial contribution to the harmonious voice from phonograph (source) to the speaker terminal (end).

    Pre AMP Amplifier
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