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Application of Loud Horn Speaker in Agriculture

The loud horn speaker transmits the meteorological data received from each meteorological monitoring station to the terminal manually or automatically through the service platform. After receiving the information, the terminal arranges the data according to the number and transmits it to the loudspeaker to play.

The loud horn speaker enables the villagers to inform the peasant friends quickly and timely through the voice way, to understand the relevant meteorological information, to achieve the effect of disaster prevention and mitigation, to receive agricultural information, to guide the peasant friends to carry out relevant farming activities such as transplanting, planting, broadcasting the supply of agricultural products market, and to guide the peasant friends to know the price of agricultural products in time. It also includes the related air temperature, precipitation, and forest fire risk broadcasting, so as to convey meteorological information and reference suggestions to the public.

Villagers can hear and understand all kinds of information in time through loud horn speaker. In addition to adding and reducing clothes according to weather changes, keeping warm and cold in time, ploughing, sowing and fertilizing, loud horn speaker will be a more detailed, more timely and convenient forecast than TV weather forecast. Meteorological information early warning system can understand the early warning information of major agrometeorological disasters such as drought, rainstorm, hail, gale, late spring cold, low temperature cold damage, fire prevention meteorology and so on. It also spreads all kinds of information to the public by covering all townships in the province.
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