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What Digital Radio Standard Is Used?

In order to provide digital wireless services in Australia, the digital radio standard currently in use is an upgraded version of digital audio broadcasting. It is called DAB +.

The new DAB+ standard uses the audio codec HE-AAC version 2. Also known as AAC +. AAC + is very efficient. Audio codecs used in older DAB standards used in some other countries are only one-third as efficient as AAC+. Therefore, compared to DAB, using DAB+ can provide higher audio quality or more stations. Therefore, broadcasters using DAB+ may provide high quality and multiple stations.

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In the long run, Australia's use of digital radio services is not limited to DAB+ on VHF Band III. In July 2015, according to Section 215B of the Broadcasting Business Act of 1992 (BSA) and Section 313B of the 1992 Radiocommunication Act, the Ministry of Communications issued two statutory review reports.  These are two reports on digital radio issues, namely digital radio reports. The two reports indicate that DAB+ uses a similar number of transmitters as current FM services to cover most people. But DAB+ is difficult to cover the rest of the AM transmitter that can be covered with high power and medium power. However, digital radio broadcasting (DRM) and/or satellite digital radio technology can completely cover the remaining geographic areas currently covered by the AM radio service.

The digital radio report also states:
In the short to medium term, there are only a few receivers on the market in Australia, so DRM is unlikely to be a viable option. In addition, dual DAB and DRM receivers are unlikely to be introduced into the Australian market and their prospects are low.      

At present, satellite transmission and reception digital radio services cannot provide a realistic alternative to the Australian terrestrial radio platform. Because it can't cover the range currently used in remote or receiving blackpoint homes.
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