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Flat Art Mount Wall Speakers

The flat art mount wall speakers make sounds through stimulating the bending wave in the soundboard. Its hardcore, that is, the high-tech intelligent actuator is exclusive. Its invention has completely changed the traditional horn technology that has existed for more than 80 years, it is different from the traditional sound box from the vocalism principle to the appearance.

It makes sounds when the exciter touches the soundboard making bending wave. The frequency of the soundboard produced by different materials will be different. Its invention completely changes the traditional horn technology that has history for more than 80 years. From the vocalism principle to the appearance, it is different from the traditional sound box, so the service life of the flat art speaker is longer.

Generally, the directivity of a sound box that is made of a traditional horn is very poor. Only when  standing in front of the sound box, can you hear the perfect sounds, especially the part of treble; and if you stand on the side of the sound box, you may not hear some background music or accompaniment; if you stand on the back of the sound box, the sweet song could turn into  sounds that would not appreciate. Flat art speakers do not have such problems. No matter where you stand, you can enjoy the complete and real sounds.

Its sound quality has characteristics such as high transmission sensitivity, wide directivity, uniform distribution of sound field, clearer sound quality, good transient response and strong sense of depth. Because of the use of the latest high-tech materials, the frame light sense of the sound box is strong and the hue is pleasing to the eye, it is light, heat-resistant, dustproof, waterproof, intelligent, electricity saving, environment-friendly and space-saving. The beautifully decorated wall painting sound box can bring you both visual and auditory enjoyment at the same time, it combines time and space perfectly, which allows you to "appreciate painting while listening to music", you can hear harmonious and powerful sounds in any position in the room, that is, "no distance, all space". Compared with the traditional sound box, ultra-thin flat wall hanging sound box is more perfect. Based on the vocalism principle, it makes the viewer sounds "not vibrating in the short distance, and clear in the long distance, you can't fell where the sound source is but the music is everywhere". It is a revolutionary creation in the field of global decoration and acoustics.
Flat Art Mount Wall Speakers
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