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How do Commercial Audio Speakers Work

We often see loudspeakers in shopping malls. Have you ever thought about how does the commercial audio speaker work? Here's how it works:


When the voice coil of the commercial audio speaker is connected with audio current, the voice coil will produce alternating magnetic field under the action of current, and the permanent magnet will also generate a constant magnetic field with the constant size and direction. Because the size and direction of the magnetic field generated by the voice coil change with the change of audio current, the interaction of the two magnetic fields makes the voice coil move perpendicularly to the current direction in the voice coil. Because the voice coil is connected with the vibration membrane, it drives the vibration membrane to vibrate, and the air vibration caused by the vibration membrane produces sound.


The greater the current input from the voice coil, the greater the force of the magnetic field, the greater the vibration amplitude of the vibrating membrane, and the louder the sound. The high-pitched part of the commercial audio speaker is mainly from the center of the vibrating membrane. The harder the central material of the vibrating membrane is, the better the sound reproduction effect will be. The low-pitched part of the commercial audio speakers is mostly from the edge of the vibrating membrane. If the edge of the vibrating membrane of the commercial audio speaker is relatively soft and the diameter of the paper basin is large (which is exactly what Xinghongde does when producing the commercial audio speaker), the better bass effect of the commercial audio speaker will be.

As we all know, because of its high working frequency, when the high pitch is replayed, the vibration membrane moves at a high speed in the air gap of the magnetic circuit of the permanent magnet. Therefore, it is required that the vibration membrane of high-pitched commercial audio speakers can respond to the transient high-frequency signals rapidly, and can withstand the air pressure produced by the high-speed movement. Therefore, the material of vibration membrane should be light in weight and strong enough.

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