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Uni-direction Outdoor Sound Projector RH-CH30

※ Unidirectional speaker driver: full range 5"*1.
※ With rated power taps: 2.5W / 5W / 10W.
※ Built-in 100V transformer.
※ Enclosure,grille and mounting bracket are made of aluminium alloy.
※ Easy and secure through the adjustable U shaped mounting bracket.
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The RH-AUDIO RH-CH30 is a Uni-direction Outdoor Sound Projector Speaker employing a 5" full range driver, especially designed to provide quality sound with a long throw range in a wide variation of in- and outdoor applications. Its wide, smooth frequency response and high efficiency ensure high-fidelity music reproduction along with superb projection of clear and intelligible speech at very low distortion.

The 100V line transformer has power taps for 10 Watt, 5 Watt and 2.5 Watt which can be selected,fully anti-rust and weatherproof aluminium alloy material makes this speaker ideal for mounting in extreme conditions in or outdoor applications.

Specifications of Uni-direction Outdoor Sound Projector RH-CH30

Uni-direction Outdoor Sound Projector RH-CH30 Size



Rated Power


Input Voltage


Frequency Response



91±3 dB






Aluminum alloy enclosure,grille & bracket

Speaker Driver

Waterproof 5"*1

Net Weight


IP Rating


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