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Pre Amp Amplifier and Mixer Digital Amplifier

" Mixer Amplifier" refers to a constant pressure amplifier with a front stage magnification, which can be directly connected to the microphone and other signal sources without a mixer. The output voltage does not change with the change of the load impedance, that is, a power amplifier that outputs the maximum constant voltage of an audio signal, applying the deep negative feedback, outputs stable voltage, and the magnitude of the load within the rated power range has little effect on the output voltage of the amplifier. In order to reduce the power loss of the transmission line in long distance power transmission, the output transformer needs to be used. The output voltage contains mainly 70V, 90V, 120V and so on. The higher the voltage, the smaller the loss of transmission line. But because of the use of the output transformer, the sound quality is not very good. It's generally used in background music system and cable broadcasting system. Simply speaking, preamplifier is only an effector for sound quality regulation. Itself has no amplifier circuit, and the power is not so high.  It can not directly drive the sound box make a sound. It is necessary to connect a PA machine to make the sound box work. The pure post PA does not have a preconditioning circuit, and can not tune the sound quality and karaoke without a front effect device. The combined amplifier is not suitable for wide band amplifier, but has many applications in active subwoofers.

The RH-AUIDO Pre Amplifier is a device that converts a weak electrical signal into an output signal strong enough to be noise-tolerant and strong enough for further processing, or for sending to a power amplifier in the sound system.

Featured built-in CHIME and SIREN circuitry with push button on front panel, the SIREN tone for an orderly emergency evacuation of people and conducting a fire or an emergency drill manually, and the CHIME tone for attracting listeners' attention prior to speaking.

5 MIC inputs, 3 AUX inputs, 2 EMC input,4 AUX outputs,features muting function that MIC1 overrides MIC2,MIC3,AUX1,AUX2 with 0~30dB dB attenuation.

It is designed for background music/paging and public address system installations,these units are exceptional values, loaded with features,and are easy to install in a variety of system designs.
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