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Application of Best Pendant Speaker in Auditorium

The best pendant speaker provides excellent sound reproduction for open building ceilings and other places requiring the shape of the pendant.

1. Good sound transmission gain

The loudspeakers in the best pendant speaker system are reasonably arranged, and the main performance areas are outside the coverage of the main amplifier. The selected loudspeakers all use a constant pointing horn, and the sound energy outside the - 6dB angle decays rapidly. In addition, the selected microphones are all centroid pointing and supercentric pointing. Therefore, the system's sound transmission gain is guaranteed to achieve the design goal.

2. Strong adaptability and easy expansion

In the design process, besides the above objective measurable indicators, the adaptability of the system is relaxed from the point of view of use. Besides meeting sound reinforcement requirements, the best pendant speaker can also meet various types of performance requirements. The effective playback frequency width of the whole system is 25 Hz-18 kHz.

3. High Reliability Technical Maturity

In the design of the best pendant speaker system, the concept of redundant backup is introduced in the aspects of the maximum sound pressure level of the speaker, power reserve of the amplifier, protection of the speaker, processing ability of the audio processor and the main control toner.
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