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Technical features of HIFI Commercial Power Amplifier

HIFI amplifier is slightly different from AV amplifier, and HIFI amplifier often has the following characteristics

1. 2.0 channel stereo. There is only two channels output for most of the HIFI amplifier. Unlike the surround effect of AV amplifier, HIFI amplifier pay more attention to high fidelity sound quality, much lower distortion and real music restoration.

2. By the front and backstage separation, the advanced HIFI commercial power amplifier can ensure much higher quality sound reproduction.

3. The high dynamic amplifier module (HDAM) in HIFI amplifier can help produce more dynamic, accurate and sophisticated sound.

4. A high-quality HIFI amplifier must be equipped with a stable mechanism and a thick metal panel to reduce the interference between the audio circuits, which is helpful for the improvement of sound quality.

5. The current feedback type high-speed discrete circuit is adapted to realize the high channel separation degree of the super high field.

6. The high-grade amplifier with the F.C.B.S. system functions can connect two front levels amplifier, transmit and amplify the signals completely separated from the control amplifier left and right sound channels.

RH-AUDIO, one of the best power amplifier manufacturers from China, is committed to supplying the customers with innovative products and services that conform to their requirements, our objective is always to meet or exceed their expectations.

HIFI Commercial Power Amplifier

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