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Ceiling Speakers

The RH-AUDIO commercial ceiling speakers are commonly made with built-in transformers which suit both 70V and 100V high-voltage commercial audio distribution systems and public address system.

The constant-voltage pa speakers can be connected in a simple parallel way without complex connection schemes compared to the conventional low impedance speakers.

The constant-voltage speaker systems can minimize power loss over the speaker cables. And the 70-volt and 100-volt speaker systems can be expanded easily by adding more speakers in parallel.

The in-ceiling speakers are easy to install and virtually invisible,paintable speaker grilles mean that you'll barely notice that you even have speakers in your room.

There are various types and models of PA in-ceiling speakers varying in feature, size, shape and output power,which offer many more options for functional, reliable, effective, and economical permanent public address installations required for paging, foreground/background music, and announcement systems.

Installation Methods of  Our High Quality Ceiling Speakers

1. Trepanning
When install the living room ceiling speakers should use special opener, do not damage the ceiling, especially the ceiling of gypsum ceiling.  

The opening hole diameter should according to the opening size of each ceiling speaker, in actual construction, it can be a little bit larger so that it is easier to install and remove, especially the gypsum ceiling. If the ceiling speaker is very tight, it is easy to destroy the plasterboard when taking off.

1. Wiring and Installation
The wires of living room ceiling speakers should best be done with electrical wiring together. However, the speaker wire is weak electricity, it should not be too close to AC220V. If you wear a PVC tube, it will be 20 centimeters away. For installation and interference, you should do so. However, the general wire route should follow the electric or weak electric route arranged by the electrician as far as possible. It won’t be disorderly, and it is easy to be repaired in the future because electrical wiring will usually leave the overhaul. The speaker wire should be different from other wires, and do not know which wire is the speaker wire when it is overhauled.

The PVC tube of the speaker wire can be fixed to the ceiling hanger, and their is one point needs to be matched with the electrician. The position of the loudspeaker box should also take into account the position of various lights, the position of the fire sprinkler, the outlet of the air conditioner, the modeling of the ceiling seal, and so on. It will affect esthetic effection if the position of the loudspeaker is installed at the same place with and the lamp position, or the design is not good at the outlet of the air conditioner.

3. System Debugging
It is important to note that the wires must be checked before the operation of the system. Of course, the wires should be detected before the wire are arranged (the ceiling is sealed).

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