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Master the Five Knobs of Digital Audio Matrix, Easily Debugging Audio Dodge

The digital audio matrix with a variety of programmable functions is designed to achieve excellent performance of the sound installed in the sound field environment. It focuses on the reliability and the operational stability. Next, we will talk about the audio dodge function of digital audio matrix.

Xinghongde is one of the professional manufacturer when it comes to audio players. The audio dodge means that when the input signal from independent sound sources (such as microphone sound input) exceeds the threshold value, the output level can be automatically attenuated to a certain amount. At the same time, the automatic compensation function of the environmental noise can adjust the system gain to compensate for the gain loss caused by the electrical level fluctuation of the background noises.

The digital audio matrix is generally equipped with operation software. If you master the five knobs of the audio matrix, debugging professional audio dodge also comes naturally.


Dodge the threshold value and activate the action value of dodge


Attenuation value. When dodging, set the number of DB to which the current output channel needs to be attenuated.


Start time for the dodge gate to start (a fast and slow concept).


The holding time of the dodge (for example, when we speak a language, the language connection in the middle will pause. If the holding time is too short, the signal size of the dodge channel will be restored as soon as the language stops.)


The release time of the dodge gate (for example: when we stop the language, the signal of the attenuation channel will not recover to the original size immediately, there will be a period of time to slowly recover to the original size)

With its unique, innovative and professional technical advantages, Xinghongde is an internationally renowned developer and manufacturer of professional audio solutions and equipment.  In accordance with its development objectives and technical concepts of optimal design, easy operation and reduced maintenance, we have successfully integrated nearly a variety of modules (such as digital equalization, limited voltage, route, automatic gain, automix, environmental noise suppression, feedback suppression, echo cancellation) to solve extremely difficult operational problems. We welcome customers to come to buy products which are suitable for you.

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