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Why Choose The Class D Amplifier

What is Type D Amplifier

Class D Amplifier is the amplifier which drives the speaker by ON/OFF switch in the control switch unit. The class D amplifier was first proposed in 1958 and it has become more and more popular in recent years. In the past several generations, class D amplifier has been greatly developed, and the system designers have greatly improved the durability and audio quality of the system. In the traditional type D amplifier, the analog or digital audio signal is converted into PWM signal by the controller before the signal is integrated into the power MOSFET tube in the power backend device. These amplifiers are highly efficient, and the very small radiator is used or no radiator is required at all. While it reduced the requirement for power output.

The Advantages of class D amplifier

In conventional transistor amplifiers, the output class amplifier contains transistors that provide the instantaneous continuous output current. There are many types of audio system amplifiers include class A amplifiers, class AB amplifiers, and class B amplifiers. Compared with the design of class D amplifier, their output power consumption is very high even the most effective linear output class amplifier. With this difference, there are many significant advantages for the class D amplifier in many applications. Because less heat is produced with low power consumption; printed circuit board (PCB) area and the cost is saved, and battery life of portable systems can be extended.

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the Class D Amplifier

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