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RH-AUDIO IP Based Speaker RH5010

The RH-AUDIO IP speaker consists of one master active speaker with built-in 2-channel "L&R" stereo amplifiers 20W*2, and one slave passive speaker.

By distributing digitally, with this IP enabled speaker you can avoid the typical issues with noise and signal degradation that occurs in an analog system. At the same time, you simplify wiring down to CAT-5 or 6 cables. That said, these digital distribution technologies fall short when we consider the future requirements for audio distribution and rendering.

With this IP based speaker you will enjoy a quicker and more flexible installation than traditional wired analog systems. It’s easier than ever to install a very wide paging or intercom system using your existing Ethernet network, this speaker can be placed wherever you have a network drop without the need for long speaker wire connections from a large central amplifier.

The IP based speaker offers an ideal solution for some venues that need to do large-scale paging and multi-zoned background music across multiple facilities and locations with complex distribution and scheduling needs such as government agencies, schools, factories, commercial buildings, residential areas and hospitals etc.

Main features of RH-AUDIO IP Based Speaker RH5010 included are

  • Built-in Power Saving Circuitry.
  • Integrated network decoding module with IP address.
  • IP address reset function.
  • Supports network volume.
  • Built-in 2-channel digital stereo amplifier (Class D) 8Ω 20W*2.
  • 2-way speaker units with woofer 5" + tweeter 1".
  • With one 6.5mm MIC jack input.
  • Unbalanced local audio input via RCA connectors.
  • Individual volume control for audio input & microphone input.
  • 70V/100V line voltage signal input available.
  • “U” shaped adjustable mounting bracket is supplied.
  • Compact size (HxWxD) 242 x182 x162 mm.
  • White and black color available.
  • Net weight: active speaker 2.50 kg, sub passive speaker 2.15 kg.

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