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PA Speakers

RH-AUDIO commercial sound systems offer 70V 100V multiple PA loudspeakers especially over long cable runs. There are plenty of solutions available, including surface mount speakers, in-ceiling speakers, wall mounted speakers, waterproof column speakers, waterproof horn speakers, waterproof garden speakers, spherical speakers, projection speakers and more.

The in-ceiling speakers are easy to install and virtually invisible,paintable speaker grilles mean that you'll barely notice that you even have speakers in your room.

The wall mounted speakers are easily secured and installed through the mounting hook or mounting hole on the rear without taking up the valuable floor space.

The weatherproof column speakers enjoy all metal extruded aluminum alloy enclosure with cast aluminium top and bottom plates,which are fully dust and weatherproof IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor applications.

The waterproof horn speakers are made from robust, virtually indestructible ABS or alloy enclosure and alloy brackets offering maximum protection against shock and weather making them ideal for mounting in extreme conditions.

The landscape speakers are constructed of all weather resistant with material of fibreglass reinforced

The spherical speakers are designed for use where traditional ceiling mounted speakers are difficult or impractical to install.

The RH-AUDIO commercial public address loudspeakers are commonly made with built-in transformers which suit both 70V and 100V high-voltage audio distribution systems.

The constant-voltage pa speakers can be connected in a simple parallel way without complex connection schemes compared to the conventional low impedance speakers.

The constant-voltage speaker systems can minimize power loss over the speaker cables. And the 70-volt and 100-volt speaker systems can be expanded easily by adding more speakers in parallel.

There are various types and models of PA speakers varying in feature, size, shape and output power,which offer many more options for functional, reliable, effective, and economical permanent public address installations required for paging, foreground/background music, and announcement systems.
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