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Television Signal Multi Zone Mixer

Television signal mixer is a device that combines more than two sets of radio-frequency signals with different frequencies together to form one-way broadband radio-frequency signal and output multi-channel program. The television signal mixer is a special mix-frequency device designed for the adjacent frequency front end system of cable television multi-channel.

Technology features of television Multi Zone Mixer the circuit structure of the television signal mixer is used with transmission transformer coupling type and used for 1000 MHz adjacent frequency broadband transmission system. The key magnetic material is imported, the harmonic output is low, the reflection loss is big, the standing wave is small, the isolated degree with each other is high, the insertion loss is small, the input frequency band is wide. 16-way signal is input and then mixed into 1-way signal and output. 1-way signal monitoring and each way index is same. The input channel with good interchangeability. 19-inch standard case is easy to install.

Application range of television signal mixer Television signal mixer is widely applied in all kinds of cable television system, satellite TV system, housing estate closed-circuit television, monitor system, digital television transformation system of hotels and restaurants, education audio-visual systems of army and school, etc. It is the best choice for large and medium-sized cable television system configuration.

Multi Zone Mixer

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