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Channel Multi Zone Mixer

The channel multi zone mixer is a command about color adjustment in the Adobe photoshop software. This command can adjust the color composition of a certain channel. Execute "Image - > Adjust - > Channel mixer [1]" command, and pop-up "Channel mixer" dialog. Output channel: it refers to the channel in which you can choose to mix one or more source channels. The source channels: drag the slider to reduce or increase the percentage about source channel in the output channel; or enter directly values between -200 ~ +200 in the text box. Constant: it refers to item which you can add an opaque channel to the output channel. If it is a negative value, it is black channel. Monochrome: check this item to apply the same settings to all output channels and to create a grayscale image in this color mode.

The working principle of channel Channel Multi Zone Mixer amplifier Select a certain channel in the images as the processing target (that is, the output channel), and then add and subtract according to this channel information and other channel information of the image to achieve the purpose of image adjustment. Note that the color information that is added or subtracted comes from the same image location in this channel or other channels. That is to say, the image color information of a certain channel in space can be calculated by the color information of this channel and other channels. Any channel of the source image can be the output channel. The source channel varies depending on the different image color mode. When the color mode is RGB, source channel is R, G, B. When the color mode is CMYK, source channel is C, M, Y, K. Channel mixer only works when the image color mode is RGB and CMYK. And channel mixer cannot be operated when the image color mode is LAB or other modes.

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