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Some Professional Terms Related to AV Power Amplifier

There are a lot of technical terms and applications about the AV commercial power amplifier, and the following are some mainstream technologies.

1. Multi-channel independent amplifier - the same independent amplifier is used in the high-end AV amplifier, and the sound quality of each sound channel does not interfere with each other to ensure the consistency of sound quality.

2. Audyssey MultEQXT - allows each group of speakers to receive the best frequency response in the listening space. The instrument and sound effects are precisely locked to form seamless surround sound field.

3. Denon Link HD digital time-base control – be safe against time-base distortion. Enjoy more detailed and richer ambient Blue-ray audio.

4. HDMI1.4a - compared to the previous HDMI version, the latest technologies are supported such as 4K, 3D, and ARC etc.

5. Brand new 4K ultra HD resolution - with the next generation ultra HD resolution after 1080P. There are only a few AVR product supported as of 2012, such as DENON AVR-3313 etc.

6. In AVR, there are several technologies about 4K display including Direct-pass, UP-scale and GUI display etc. In the real sense, 4K ultra HD display AVR should have the direct-pass function, and the UP-scale function is to elevate the normal video signal to 4K specification, while the GUI can overlay the Settings menu on the display device.

7. With the AirPlay function and wireless stream media technology, it can be more convenient to play stream media music by smart devices or computers.

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AV Power Amplifier

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