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5 Mic Input Preamp

※ Model: RH2011P.
※ Aluminium alloy panel with standard 19" 2U height.
※ Built-in CHIME & SIREN circuitry.
※ 5 MIC inputs, 3 AUX inputs, 2 EMC input,4 AUX outputs.
※ Individual volume controller for MIC & AUX inputs.
※ MASTER volume controller ,BASS and TREBLE tone controller.
※ EMC1,2 have priority over all inputs except MIC1.
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In the pa system the Preamp RH2011P takes whatever source it gets from microphone,CD/USB player or FM/AM tuner, and prepares that signal with a medium to high output impedance and current for the power amplifier to drive loudspeakers.

The rear panel is designed with three auxiliary inputs of RCA stereo connections,which are converted to mono internally.

And four mono auxiliary outputs are ready to connect four power amplifiers.

Its five 6.35mm jack ports allow for more options on the usage of microphones,one input "MIC1" is fitted on front with precedence over other inputs.

2-band equalizer (bass and treble) allows you to adjust the lower or higher frequency sounds to achieve the ideal performance.

Each auxiliary or mic. input enjoys its individual level control with adjustment knob on front panel,moreover a master level knob controls all inputs.

This preamp has highlighted tone generators of CHIME and SIREN,with pushbuttons on front panel to ensure easy and fast operation.

Fire Alarm Connection:On the rear of the amplifier,there is a 'Priority' input for the direct connection of a fire alarm system.

This will mean when the fire alarm sounds,the amplifier and speakers will mute,ensuring an emergency evacuation can take place.

Front Panel Details:

RH-AUDIO Pre Amp RH2011P front details

Rear Panel Details:

RH-AUDIO Pre Amp RH2011P rear details

Reference Connection:

RH-AUDIO Pre Amp connection

• Built-in SIREN circuitry with pushbutton on front panel for an orderly emergency evacuation
of people and conducting a fire or an emergency drill manually.
• Connecting Alam Panel for emergency broadcasting automaticlly.
• Built-in CHIME circuitry with pushbutton on front panel for attracting listeners' attention prior to speaking.
• 4 signal outputs for connecting 4 units of power amplifiers.



 MIC Input

 MIC 1,2,3,4,5: 18mV/600 ohms, Unbalanced

 AUX Input

 AUX 1,2,3: 200mV/10k ohms, Unbalanced

 EMC Input

 EMC 1,2: 1.5V/10k ohms, Unbalanced


 BASS:±10dB at 100Hz,TREBLE:±10dB at 10KHz

 Frequency Response

 20Hz - 20KHz

 S/N Ratio

 MIC 1,2: 70dB; AUX 1,2,3: 80dB


 Less than 0.1%

 Muting Function

 MIC 1 overrides other input signals with 0-30 dB attenuation,EMC1,2 overrides all inputs except MIC1

 LED Indicators



 AC fuse

 Power Requirements


 Power Consumption


 Dimensions (W×D×H)


 Packing Size


 Net Weight


 Gross Weight


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