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2.4G Wireless Speaker with Built-in Amplifier

Master active loudspeaker "L"
※ Built-in 2.4G wireless receiver circuit with antenna.
※ Built-in 2-channel digital stereo amplifier (Class D) 20W*2.
※ Rated power 20W.
※ 2-way speaker units woofer 5.25" + tweeter 1".
※ With one 6.3mm MIC jack input.
※ "L&R" of unbalanced inputs via RCA connectors.
※ 100V signal input via RCA connector available.
※ Separate volume controls for audio input,microphone input,and 100V signal input.

Slave passive loudspeaker "R"
※ Rated power 20W.
※ 2-way speaker units woofer 5.25" + tweeter 1"..
※ Phoenix connector ready to be connected to the main loudspeaker "L".
※ Mounting bracket is supplied.

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  • Specification
The RH-AUDIO 2.4G Wireless Speaker RH609GF with Built-in Amplifier is designed with passive or active crossovers built into them,consists of one master active loudspeaker and one slave passive loudspeaker, the master active loudspeaker "L" with built-in 2-channel "R" stereo amplifiers,and with Phoenix connector ready to be connected to the slave passive loudspeaker "R",2.4G Wireless Speaker with Built-in Amplifierthe fashionable active wall mount speakers are designed with U shaped stainless and rotatable mounting bracket could be adjusted at request,finish in black and white color available.

Among the active speakers this model RH609GF has unique feature of wireless 2.4G presentation system,including the items of 2.4G transmitter, microphone, PPT USB drive to support the speech person to use microphone,laser pointer,PPT flip to give an excellent presentation.

This active loudspeaker system produces good clear sound and acoustical clarity, suitable for AV applications such as meeting rooms, classrooms, multi-media rooms,etc.

2.4G Transmitter              Neck Microphone             USB Drive for PPT
 Neck Microphone 2.4G Wireless Speaker with Built-in Amplifier

※ Unique PPT flip freely with computer on projector or presentation screen
to explain more handily.
※ The transmitter has built-in laser pointer.
※ Built-in high sensitivity microphone,the frequency reponse of human
ear can proceive and collect information synchronous.
※ External neck microphone is available to avoid any information missed
whatever manual or automatical way.
※ LCD screen displays the volume,power,charging status and channel
information etc.
※ Built-in MP3 player with USB interface supporting charging and storing data.
※ Rechargable lithium battery with long use life.
※ 3.5mm interface supporting stereo audio input and output.
※ No feedback and anti-interference to support being used in many rooms
in the same time.
※ Muite function automatically with no or week signal.
※ Satisfied with whole day request for continuously used within 8 hours.

Rear Panel
 2.4G Wireless Speaker with Built Amplifier

This connector is used to connect the AC power source to active loudspeaker.
Press the button for turning on/off power.
(3). 2.4G ANTENNA:
This antenna is used to receive the signal from 2.4G transmitter.
(4). LEFT & RIGHT RCA INPUT: This RCA connector for unbalanced audio input of "L" & “R” loudspeaker.
(5). MIC. INPUT: This 6.3mm MIC jack ready for connecting wired microphone.
(6). "R" LOUDSPEAKER OUTPUT: This Phoenix connector ready connecting the sub passive loudspeaker.
(7). 100V LINE INPUT: Collecting remote 100V amplified signal.
(8). MIC. VOLUME: The MIC. knob control for adjusting the microphone input level.
(9). AUX VOLUME: This knob control for adjusting the local audio signal input level.
(10). 100V VOLUME: This knob control for adjusting the remote 100V audio signal input level.
(11). AUDIO CONNECTOR: This Phoenix connector ready to be connected to "R OUT" for audio signal.




Rated Power

20W×2@8 ohm

Speaker Driver

Woofer 5.25" + tweeter 1"


2-channel digital stereo amplifier (Class D)

Audio Inputs

100V line inputs via Phoenix connectors

"L&R" of unbalanced inputs via RCA connectors

MIC. Input

6.3mm MIC jack


LED indicators for POWER,"L" loudspeaker & "R" loudspeaker

Volume Controls

Separate volume controls for audio input & microphone input

Tone Controls

Treble ±10dB, Bass ±10dB


ABS enclosure, metal bracket & grille


White & Black available

Frequency Response

100Hz-20KHz/1W, ±0.5dB


20Hz-20KHz/1W, 0.05%

Ratio of damping

>200@8 ohm/400Hz




Over-temperature, overload


AC 110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz



Mounting Method

"U" shaped bracket adjustable

Net Weight

4.5Kg (main loudspeaker 2.5Kg,Sub loudspeaker 2.0Kg)

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