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The Application of Multi Zone Mixer Amplifier

A multi-zone pa amplifier is a professional tool for commercial use with sophisticated industrial design and construction. The volume and weight are greatly reduced by the official DriveCore technology - all mixer/ammeter are efficient, without a fan, only 1U rack space is large. Single channel and dual channel model is equipped respectively with four or eight mixer TV channels. There are unique and easy functions and features for CSMA mixer/ammeter: only volume control for each channel, easy to clean, master volume adjustment on the front panel, adjustable bass and treble and the power switch. All controllers of the volume are surrounded by bright rings that make it easy for them to see and operate in a dark environment.

The multi-zone pa amplifier can drive 8 ohms and 4-ohm loads and it can use the 70V and 100V distributed audio systems without separate transformers. In addition to the balanced microphone/line input, unbalanced RCA input, and speaker connection, all units include the RJ45 connector to use with the volume controllers. All models are characterized by a common power supply that enables them to accept AC voltages from 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

This multi-zone pa amplifier is Harman GreenEdge ™ environment initiative, comply with lead-free RoHS standard. And this product is made of recovered copper, aluminum and steel by sorting process and other manufacturing processes under the guidance energy-saving and environment-protecting. Moreover, it is coated with energy-saving powder. Its efficient DriveCore design can reduce power consumption and generate more efficient operations - up to 80 percent more efficient than previous designs.

 Multi Zone Mixer Amplifier
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