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Public Address System from Simple to Complex

A simple public address system can only release voice broadcasts. If you want to play background music, broadcast news, and release recordings, you can add CDs, tuners (radios), MP3 players and other equipment. Broadcast power amplifiers are usually equipped with multiple line input interfaces, which can be easily connected to these devices. However, many public broadcasting projects cannot be handled by an all-in-one machine, instead more equipment must be configured and used according to the actual requirements of the project, which usually includes more functions.

Therefore, a more complex public address system for sale will be configured with multiple audio sources, partition management, programming timing, etc. Of course, if you want to achieve more complex functions, you can also configure a powerful intelligent matrix system to solve the problem, or use the most advanced digital public address system. Except achieving the functions of the conventional system and the intelligent matrix system, it can also realize the integration of multiple networks, intuitive touch-screen control of interface images, connection of unlimited broadcasting partitions, arbitrary combination of all partitions, and sub-control interaction, various input multi-level priority, intercom function, audio source collection, authority management setting, operation log for reference and other functions.

Guangzhou Xinghongde Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been working hard to promote technological development, and has been using the latest and most advanced technology to let you truly enjoy the excellent experience of the technological revolution. If you need to purchase or install a public address system, you can contact us at any time. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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