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Product Usage of 6 Zone Amplifier with Volume Control

We always follow the principle that the ratio of performance to price of equipment selected by public broadcasting system is the best, and ensure that the configuration of public broadcasting system has high economy and practicability. Design of public broadcasting system, classification of broadcasting system manufacturer and public broadcasting system.

According to the scale of the building, the nature and function of the 6 zone amplifier with volume control in modern buildings can be divided into three types:

(1) Business broadcasting system
(2) Service broadcasting system
(3) Fire accident broadcasting system

1. Operational broadcasting system

6 zone amplifier with volume control sets up operational broadcasting in office buildings, commercial office buildings, schools, hospitals, railway passenger stations, airports, stations, banks and factories to meet the business broadcasting requirements of business and administrative management.

2. Service broadcasting system

6 zone amplifier with volume control provides service broadcasting in hotels, shopping malls, entertainment facilities and large public places. Service broadcasting scope is background music and room program broadcasting, the purpose is to provide people with enjoyable music broadcasting programs, with service as the main purpose. Service radio programs such as hotels generally choose four sets. The content arrangement of broadcasting programs should be based on the service object and engineering level.
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