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Paging Microphone Makes Amplified Horn Speaker Smarter

The pager microphone enables point-to-poitn paging, group-paging, and region-wide paging.

Guangzhou Xinghongde Electronics Technology Co. , Ltd. provides paging microphone which gives priority to paging, and its system terminal server will automatically broadcast as long as there is a paging broadcast signal input and can automatically adjust the volume. For areas that are not paged, it will play music programs normally and will not cause any interference.

Multi-source simultaneous transmission can transmit multiple sets of sources at the same time, and you can manually select the terminal server to play, or you can force the terminal server to play through the network host. Any terminal server of a stand-alone broadcasting system (broadcasting to this region) may independently broadcast the terminal partition without interfering with other terminal partition broadcasts by connecting a microphone or music source (via a selector socket).

The music and areas that need to be played at different times of the day are programmed through the system by timed broadcasting (unattended automatic broadcasting) , and the playback program is set in advance to realize automatic broadcast all day long, without special personnel on duty, and fully automated control.

From the beginning to the present, thanks to the extensive experience accumulated, we have been committed to serving our customers and providing them with more customized services. In the past, we've been innovating based on the latest state-of-the-art technology, so you can truly enjoy the technology revolution, and you're welcome to contact us and buy products.

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