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Hybrid Phonograph Preamplifier Nagra VPS

Feature 1: different equalization methods are realized by jumper
Nagra VPS provides two equalization methods: RIAA 1953 and IEC 1976. The jumper is set through the first level of each channel. If the jumper is connected, RIAA 1953 equalization method is produced with maximum bandwidth. If the jumper is removed, IEC 1976 equalization method is produced in which frequency 90Hz below will show attenuation trend. At this point, the rumbling noise from some phonographs is inhibited and eliminated because that frequency below 50Hz is removed. So, the users can listen without any interference.

Feature 2: the input transformer for moving coil cartridge plays a significant role
When Nagra VPS runs input signal of MC moving-coil cartridge, its high fidelity of the output signal benefits from high efficiency of the input transformer. Besides high efficiency, there are other advantages as following for the glass-core transformer which has magnetic head similar to that of tape recorder. Firstly, it provides more linearity. Secondly, it can extend the saturation threshold. Thirdly, it can handle preferably low-frequency signals. Fourthly, the audio signal can avoid to be affected by pseudo-parasitic interference during transmission and operation. In order to protect the transformer itself from outside interference, the magnetic shield of annealed nickel iron high permeability alloy works.

Feature 3: easy to use for users with compatible various power sources
There are many ways to get electricity for Nagra VPS. It can use a separate external 12V ACPS II power supply by connecting a high-quality, lockable multi-pin LEMO connector. It can also get electricity from NagraMPS (Multiple Power System) which can be used by multiple devices at the same time. In addition, in order to be completely isolated from the main line, users can also add the optional way such as purchasing lithium-ion batteries. No matter what kind of power is used, it can provide high voltage for the tube and different voltage for the circuit.

Feature 4: modular design makes it easy to connect to different phonographs
Nagra VPS with modular design through which impedance switching can be selected through a set of small switchable module circuits to correspond to specific impedance. The whole circuit has installed 6 pieces of module, 3 pieces of resistance (33, 100, 330 Ω) and 3 pieces of capacitance (100, 220, 470pF). The aim is to make input impedance of the unit can match any type of cartridge. In addition, the company also provides 3 free customized modules that can be set according to users' requirements.

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