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Multi-zone Mixer Amplifiers

The RH-AUDIO 6 Zone Mixer Amplifiers work by been connected with audio source directly without need of external pre-amplifier or mixer console.

The public address audio zoning amplifiers enjoy individual 6 Zone 100V speaker outputs with separate switch ON/OFF and LED indicator.

Power output 60W, 120W, 240W, 350W, 500W are available, or customized specific power output will be supported.

The MF series has built-in audio source MP3 player and FM tuner,without trouble on connecting external audio source,furthermore built-in wireless Bluetooth receiver to support connection with mobile devices.

More kinds of protective for overload,short-circuits of output, overheat; and you can use it safety and freely. It's very simple to install,can be laid on desk or be mounted in standard 19" rack with mounting holes on the front panel.

The Zone Mixer BGM Amplifiers are designed for PA system applications such as paging, announcements, intercommunications, background music and broadcasting in industrial plants, offices, schools, churches, department stores, shopping centers, dining rooms, convention halls, auditoriums and recreation areas.
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