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The Characteristics of the Fender Column Speakers

The fender column speaker is composed of several speakers arranged and connected together. The directional characteristic of the fender column speaker is similar to that of a single speaker in the horizontal direction, but greatly improved in the vertical direction. It propagates in wave form in horizontal direction, but has strong directional characteristics in vertical direction, forming a "dish" shaped stereo radiation effect. Install the speaker column near the stage entrance, point the "sound disc" to the audience, radiate the sound beam to the back of the auditorium with strong sound energy, while the front row weakens each other due to the phase difference caused by the different vertical distance of the speaker, which may be lower than the sound pressure of a single speaker, which makes the distribution of direct sound field tend to be uniform. The horizontal direction of the speaker column should not be "bunching", but should have a larger horizontal radiation angle, so that the sound field can be more uniform in the left and right directions.

Fender column speakers  usually refer to 4 to 10 carton speakers arranged in a straight line. The characteristic is that when transmitting horizontal sound, the radiation angle of the loudspeaker is the same as that of a loudspeaker, while when transmitting vertical sound, the radiation angle of the loudspeaker increases with the combination of loudspeakers, especially in high frequency sound, the sound beam can be transmitted in a certain direction.

The effect of vertical control of sound by fender column speakers loudspeaker is quite effective. In severe reverberation environment, speaker column loudspeaker can effectively concentrate the sound to the audience, reducing the rebound after transmission to the wall.
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