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How to Use the Speaker Selector Switch to Easily Achieve Multi-area Audio

What if you want to connect more independent speakers? The simplest and safest solution is to use the amp selector switch. It acts like a hub or splitter, allowing users to connect and power up to four, six or eight pairs of speakers for a single receiver or amplifier.

The switch can not only deal with more speakers, but also help to protect the amplifier or receiver from damage. Playing multiple speakers often produce low impedance which is quite important at the same time, because it determines the flows of current to the speaker, and connects multiple sets of speaker will increase the total electric current. For example, connecting and playing two 8 Ohm speakers produces 4 ohm impedance. If electric current is added too much, it may be beyond the ability of the receiver, at last it may activate the receiver of the protection circuit and temporarily shut down. Over time it will cause permanent damage to the amplifier receiver.

At this time, we can still use the amp selector switch, which has an impedance matching function, so that you can safely play multiple speakers at the same time while maintaining a total impedance of 8 ohms to protect the amplifier and receiver.

When using the amp selector switch, connect the left and right channel outputs of the amplifier/receiver to the input of the switch, and then connect each speaker group to the speaker output.

The speaker connection (for example, banana plug, spade connector, pin connector) should match the speaker selector switch. If the speaker selector switch does not have its own regional labeling system, you can create self-labels and paste them above and below each switch.

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