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RH-AUDIO 100v Line Mixing Amplifier

The RH-AUDIO 100v pa amps are designed with 2U Rack Mountable Chassis,featuring 70V,100V and 4-16ohm speaker outputs,offering high-end performance at affordable cost,and best suited for paging and background music distribution in the commercial audio applications.

The rear panel is equipped two auxiliary RCA inputs connecting extra audio sources and two 1/4" Mic jacks for microphones,while on front panel one Mic priority input enjoys auto-muting facilitates announcements at any time with a quick return to regular operation.

The 100v line mixing amplifier comes with powerful TOSHIBA amplifier transistors and 100% pure copper toroidal transformers to ensure the stable performance and long service life.

The 100v line public address amplifier is most commonly used for PA system.Only use 100V line loudspeakers with transformers. All loudspeakers are wired in parallel and the sum of their power must not exceed the rated output power of the amplifier. It is advisable not to load the amplifier at more than 70% of its rated output power when using music sources,furthermore 70V line and 4-16Ω low impedance outputs are also available as following given information.

70V line output
This system is common in the USA, it operates on the same principles as 100V line except
that at rated output power the amplifier has 70V RMS on its output terminals.

4-16Ω low impedance output
This output allows connection of low impedance loudspeakers without transformers,
When two or more loudspeakers are used ensure that they are wired in such a way in Series, or in Parallel, or in Series & Parallel Combination that total load impedance remains 4Ω and 16Ω.

Power output 60W, 120W, 240W, 350W, 500W are available, or customized specific power output will be supported,it counterpart PM series has built-in audio source MP3 player and FM tuner.

Complete protection is provided for output short circuit,overload,high temperature,peak current limiters,all the outstanding features make the pa amplifiers be ideal choices for the music/paging and public address system installations.

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