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The Excellent Development Prospect of Digital Public Adress System

The digital public address system is managed by the users themselves, which provides business and emergency broadcasting for the public and background music within the scope of the building. At present, digital broadcasting shows a good momentum of development. It is mainly manifested in: market demand becomes more and more, functional requirements become more and more complex; broadcasting production enterprises continue to improve their innovative capabilities, products become more and more humanized.

Today, with the rapid development of technology, both digital broadcasting and professional sound reinforcement systems, which belong to the category of electroacoustics, have made considerable progress, but their development process has different characteristics: professional sound reinforcement systems are generally classified according to the electroacoustical performance index, while digital broadcasting is mainly classified according to the required function and language intelligibility. In recent years, the digital public adress system has shown a new trend of network development.

Networked broadcasting system is generally applicable to large commercial buildings, schools (university towns), buildings, airports, stations, urban areas and other regional occasions.

Many signs show that digital broadcasting has entered the era of network.
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