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The Technology and Development of Amplified Speakers - Both Functions and Appearance Are Improved

Amplified speaker, commonly known as "horn", is an electro-acoustic transducer in speaker equipment. In brief, it is to place bass and tweeter speakers in the cabinet. However, with the development of technology, new functions are added to amplified speakers and their effect becomes better and greater, which benefits from the upgradation of materials and the significant improvement of the quality of components such as bass and tweeter speakers.

1. The Functions of amplified speakers

In recent years, the demand for audio network systems is getting higher and higher. Through the reform of internal electronic components, many suppliers of amplified speaker system have integrated audio network technology into speaker devices to make amplified speakers more intelligent.

In addition to audio network systems, most amplified speakers now also contain other electronic components and digital signal processors to ensure that each speaker can be debugged to provide the best sound effects for the area and the place it covers. For example, beam control uses digital control technology to control sound distribution, allowing designers to combine the outputs of multiple drivers (usually a column of column-type speakers) to ensure that the sound is delivered where the designer wants it to arrive only. This technology brings huge acoustic benefits to difficult reverberant spaces such as airports and churches by keeping sound sources away from reflective surfaces.

2. The Appearance of amplified speakers

One of the key points of speaker design is how to coordinate the style of speakers and venue's layout without causing damage to the original design elements. In recent years, the materials used to make amplified speakers have been improved in technology. Large and heavy ferrite magnets have been replaced by smaller and lighter rare earth metals, making not only the products designs more compact but also the lines more beautiful. These speakers will no longer conflict with interior design, and still provide the sound pressure level and clarity required for acoustic design.

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