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Why Choose The Active PA Speaker

Each active speaker is equipped with one or more onboard amplifiers without external amplification. Most active speakers contain simple frequency adjustment controller, but onboard DSP digital signal processing can be often found, especially in the high-end models (such as JBL PRX800W, wireless connection control by WiFi is also allowed). Generally, this DSP includes automatic frequency adjustment, speaker delay, feedback suppression, pressure limit and other tools that allow you to set quickly. When it comes to small and medium PA systems, active PA speakers are more popular than passive speakers. It is mainly because medium PA is flexible. Whether you are using the installed club system or mobile PA system, you may be in various ways to use your active speakers, when you need to configure your system very quickly.

With the active speaker, you can reconfigure your system by simply installing or placing the speaker in the desired position and connecting the cable and signal cable to it. It is also easy for you to extend your amplification system because the active speaker is independent. Because you can always buy more active speakers and add them to the system and use them where you need. If your business is just started and you only need a set of personal PA system, so you may need to consider to choose a pair of single power supply PA speakers (such as MILAN12) which includes a small tuning table with 2 or 3-way onboard microphone input, and compatible Bluetooth input at the same time. So, it can work in the meeting and playing activities, and a person can set up the system. When your business is growing and you're ready to upgrade to medium to large systems, you want to choose a larger system, but you don't want to lose your investment. In this way, you can choose to invest in TBV123-AN medium line array PA system, which will become your system's stage monitor as the system changes.
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Advantages of active PA loudspeaker Integrated power amplifier provides optimum power for each speaker.
You can easily add/reconfigure speakers in the system without calculating the load.
Onboard DSP on each speaker allows you to adjust the tone of each speaker independently.
The onboard front mixer allows some speakers to perform multiple roles in different settings (speaker or monitor);
Some models of DSP provide the functions delay, automatic tuning and network control.

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