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The Features of Multi Zone Mixer Amplifier

Features of RH AUDIO Multi-Zone Mixer Amplifiers
  • 6-way microphone/line input and 3-way music source input
  • 100 V, telephone and call station input (with priority and VOX)
  • 2 regions and only broadcast output
  • Voice activation emergency control button
  • 120 and 240 W high output power

These variegated multi-zone pa amplifiers are high-performance, professional public broadcast equipment with modern and top-end performance. It is very easy to use the hybrid amplifiers. Simply place the device in the desired place, it is OK to use the device's own functions to keep users away from complicated work. Being able to play clear radio or music, it is as easy as turning on the radio.

In addition, the price of the multi-zone pa amplifier is very affordable, and there is no need to sacrifice functionality such as press-in, priority, and flexibility etc. It is a powerful amplifier which is suitable for cabinet installation or desktop installation. The LED indicator on the front panel shows the state of the amplifier: power supply, audio output level, and a variety of monitored functions. This high-performance device can meet all kinds of public broadcast requirements and it is also very cheap.

 Multi Zone Mixer Amplifier
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