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IP Based PA System Server RH8100

※ 12 inch touch screen.
※ WINDOWS operation platform.
※ The software runs on the server,manages the system and provides digital voice quality sound wherever you need it.
※ The Central Controller is the core of IP network PA system.100M network input Rj45 port.
※ Touch screen,and embedded IP server controlling software with password.
※ With big capacity of program storage,upload and process program from many audio sources.
※ Managing program library and supply program for network terminals and achieve timing playing and real-time program ordering, response to request from network terminals.
※ Completely digital transmission on the LAN , support 100M net transmission.
※ No restriction to transmission distance and tens of or hundreds of audio sources.
※ Any workstation installed with this system can broadcast to the terminals,and can edit program as per the user-right authorized.

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The RH-AUDIO IP Based PA System Server RH8100 has been installed with IP special software,through this server we can manage the whole system for the configuration,announcement,scheduling,zone management and event logging.

Based on IP network,according to the TCP/IP protocol in LAN or WAN transmission,the RH-AUDIO IP broadcast system changes the audio source to digital signal,then distribute it to remote IP terminals at the locations anywhere in the reach of the IP network.

Over conventional PA systems,the RH-AUDIO IP network pa system offers several core advantages,which are:
Control: Software based zone management in background music system,remote paging system,alarm broadcast system.
Ease of Installation: Seamless integration into existing networks including legacy analog wiring,analogue systems require their own cabling, but IP systems use infrastructure you  already possess,that means much less cabling will need to be put in,this translates to less cost, less installation time on site,and less distraction for you and your employees.
Scalable: To multiple terminals and paging stations–locally,multi-site or regionally.Dynamic grouping of zones,with no fixed limit on the number of pre-defined groups or the     number of members within the group.
Sizeable: The server is equipped with 128G SSD hard disk,can upload sizeable recording of programmes,through centralised control of software unique programmes can be       broadcasted to specific zones.
Lower Cost & Simplicity: Lower installation,implementation and maintenance costs,remote control and simple future end-point expansion in the pa systems
Quality: There is a clear quality improvement with IP systems,there won't be the frustration of static or disruption on the line. No restriction to transmission distance and tens of  or hundreds of audio sources.

IP PA System is recommended for:
Organisations that need to disseminate information, locate staff and handle emergencies safely, via an efficient, flexible and robust paging system that provides instant notification to the relevant personnel or customer.

Public Sector Government agencies,schools and hospitals that need to be able to handle emergencies quickly and securely with emergency voice evacuation broadcasts.
Organisations that need large-scale paging across multiple facilities or locations to locate staff.

Schools,hotels and other organisations with complex inter-building distribution and scheduling needs to disseminate information.

Reference Solution Connection:
(Actual solutions shall be submitted according to exact requirements of projects, please consult with RH-AUDIO team)

Specifications of IP Based PA System Server RH8100



Touch screen dimension

12 inch

Screen color

TFT64 bits pure color

Control way

1280*1024 resolution LCD resistance-type

(Four-line) Touch screen

Working condition

Ambient temperature 5-35℃;Relative humidity:75%;

Expanding sound card

4 channels input and output sound card



Standard interface

2 PS/2 interface2 series port1 Parallel port1 VGA4

Hard disk

128GB SSD 7200 rotation IDE hard disk

CD driver


EMS memory


Network Card

Main board integration 10-100M 100M network card

System audio signal and noise ratio

LINE: 70dB;MIC:60dB

System audio signal distortion


System audio signal standard input level

LINE: 300mV; MIC:5mV

System audio signal standard output level


Power supply


Power consumption


Software operation platform


Dimension (WxHxD)

430*265*395mm (6U height)

Package size (WxHxD


Net weight


Gross weight


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